Since the beginning of this project, this space and our lives have been touched by so many wonderful and supportive people. People who understood intuitively what this building and this mission was about and what it could become. This project has gotten down to its last dollar on more than one occasion, only to be blessed in that moment by a generous and discerning soul. This place has been about community and connection since day one. We have bold ideas, and the enthusiasm of our patrons seem to be validating them. 


We still have many challenges ahead. We need more sound and lighting equipment. We need video cameras.


There are also some more pressing concerns. We need handicapped accessibility. It is something we must remedy as soon as possible as we have been unable to accommodate some of our most loyal fans. We are also exploring the idea of a music therapy program.

Given the stormy nature of our world, I feel it vitally necessary to create art which seeks to uplift rather than tear down.


If you are in a position to help and feel inclined to do so, please consider becoming a supporter.


Every single dollar we raise goes directly to fulfilling these needs.


God continues to watch over this mission.