Hello friends, family, fans and newcomers!

In 2013 we fulfilled a life-long dream and bought a barn that was built in 1849. It has been a very long journey since then!

Our intentions with this barn were many-fold. The main floor is on its way to becoming a fully functioning production studio. Audio, visual, photography, and web design. We currently handle all of our promotion, bookings and ticketing. 

This is a place where music is written and created, recorded and performed. This is a place where you will be able to enjoy music in an atmosphere specially designed for your listening pleasure. 

2017 was a whirlwind year. So many changes, struggles, triumphs and, above all, blessings. It seemed that every time we felt like we were standing on cracked and barren earth, a flood of blessing came through and literally renewed the ground beneath us. After 4 long years we finished the interior to the degree that we could begin some production and performances. We held 9 performances to finish the year, and they were all Standing Room Only.


The Barn project is both large and very small. It is large in idea and mission, and blessedly small in relationship and connection. Eyes to eyes and souls to souls.